Copenhagen/9 August 2011



Lab Work

  • OD600 measurements of CYPA1 in exp. plasmid in exp. cells. But this batch turned to be contaminated... A new inoculation has been made. We will not meausure OD600 on this, but according to our advisor (Kenneth (!)) we can assume that there will be enough cells for tomorrow. Three hours incubation at 37 degrees and incubation O/N at 28 degrees.
  • Made LB-Agar plates with cam/IPTG.
  • Transformation of A2 og B1 in exp. plasmid in exp. cells.
  • Plated a single white colony of B1 in pSB1C3 on to a new CAM/IPTG plate, to verify that this indeed was white. Possible confirmation of insert can be done tomorrow by PCR.

Other Work

  • Researched on tips and tricks on layout and information on creating a Presentation Poster
  • Members from the DTU-Denmark 2 (PowerPuff Team) have agreed to help us in composing primers for the human cytochrome p450 family, in hoping that we could use their USER Cloning Assembly system to silent mutate restrictionenzyme cleaving sites in the biobrick.
  • Planned a date where both Team Copenhagen 2011, DTU-Denmark 1 and DTU-Denmark 2 will meet and present our poster for our iGEM project.

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