Copenhagen/4 August 2011



Lab Work

  • Run PCR on 1.4 (pink) to check the B1 primers, because they haven't worked yet. We used to much DNA, so we have to do one more time on monday.
  • Double digest of 2.23.3 and 2.23.4 (purple)follwed by gelelectroforesis, byt it seems like, they digest havn't worked, so this step has to be done again.
  • Transformation of A1,A2/Exp. vector into BL21 cells and A2,B1/pSB1C3 into XLblue cells.

Other Work

  • Studied on the requirements for the characterization of the BioBricks.
  • Meeting with Michael Lyngkjær about inducible E.coli promoters.
  • Studied on USER cloning and primer design.

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