Copenhagen/3 August 2011



Lab work

  • Ligation of A2,2 and B1 in PSB1C3 O/N 4 degrees.
  • Run gel on the PCR products from yesterday: B1 (old) in expr. vector, B1 (new) in PSB1C3 again, A1 in PSB1C3. It seems that either the primers for the B1's arent working - or B1 is not insertet in the plasmids. There was a positive result for A1 - maybe we've got our first biobrick made!! Yayyyy:D
  • Transformation of A1 and A2 in the expr. vector into BCl21 cells.

Other work

Checked out how the User Cloning system works. We will use this method on our human Cytochrome P450s. The method is now being optimized by the DTU-Denmark 2 team, and we are therefore getting help from them.

NEB User Cloning Kit

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