Copenhagen/29 July 2011



The controls we made with the expression vector seem to work. We only had six colonies on the two controls C1 and C2 but many more on the plates with inserts.

It is worse with the psb1c3. Here we have almost eqaul amount of colonies on the controls plates and on the ones with insert. If the insert is ligated into the plasmid the colony should be white compared with them without, which are pink. It is difficult to determine the colour on them with insert, so we just gonna plate out the colonies. Monday will we then could see the colour.

Lab work

  • colony-PCR on the colonies from the ligation
  • run a gel to check if the ligations are succeded
  • plate out colonies from psb1c3
  • the gel didn't look fine, but maybe it is because of our primere. We have used the same for the pcr as for the prefix/suffix, so we have designed new primers today. Hopefully this we do it for the pcr.

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