Copenhagen/28 July 2011



Our plates with B1 in expr. vector in BL21 cells have grown up beautifully and there are many colonies on the plates with A2,2 in PSB1C3 as well.

Lab work

  • Colony PCR on A2,2 - we have picked 16 colonies. Colony PCR on A2,1 (from the plate from yesterday) - we have picked 3 colonies.
  • Run gel with digested B1 from yesterday - to check the ligation step
  • Transformation of the ligated A1, A2, B1 in either expr. vector or PSB1C3 from yesterday.


LundbeckRD support us with 40.000 dkk!!!

Went to visit the two DTU-teams and we were very impressed by their seriousness. We are lookning very much forward to drink a beer with them one day.

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