Copenhagen/27 June 2011



This week we are only three from the team in Lab. Maria R, Maria L and Eva. But we'll work just as hard as if the whole team were present. The rest of our team are spending the week in tents at the famous danish music festival in Roskilde. We hope it rains a lot this week. Of course we don't hope that because we are jealoux, but because the farmers fields need it.

Today was a very disappointing day. We have not been able to grow any cultures with our CYPs. But we'll try again!

But we are not completely useless cause we have managed to produce competent cells and amplify an ekspression vector from the iGEM kit. Hurra.

Lab Work

  • Did point mutations - see protocol here: Mutations
  • Used our mutated plasmids from last week to transform competent XL1-Blue cells. Again. But this time we used 10μL of our plasmids instead of 1μL. See protocol here: Transformations


  • Worked on our wiki

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