Copenhagen/23 August 2011



The expression culture grows fine.

Lab Work

  • Samples of the expression culture for A1 and the control with the original A1 have been taken out twice today.
  • Mini prep of R0010 promoter and our BioBricks 2*A1 and 2*a2 and RBS B0030 and BB0034.
  • Double digestion of the promoter with PstI and SpeI and the RBS with PstI and Xba in 37 degrees overnight
  • Sent our BioBricks to be sequenced.

Other Work

  • We have worked on the project description.
  • Ordered primers for mutation of CYP2C9 - the ordinary way and the user way.
  • Ordered primers for assambly of our BioBrick in an expression vector and in a shipping plasmid.

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