Copenhagen/19 August 2011




  • Checked TLC plates: The plate from monday with A1 and A2 showed the same results, no oximes are produced, but instead tyrosin is being converted to something else. The plate from yesterday with A1 showed no results, we will try monday to check the plate again (casette 29).
  • Checked agar plates from yesterday: User assembly was succesfull for B1, 2C9 and 1A2. Wup wup! - make O/N monday. The plates with the template plant CYPs are also filled with colonies. - make O/N monday
  • Checked SDS gel: None of the bands seems to get bigger, something must be wrong with our promoter.
  • The expression vector form the kit we are using right now doesn't seem to work, thus we will try to assemble our own expression vector with some of the BioBricks from the kit and the pSB1C3 with our insert. The volumes of these are very small, which is why we today will opform the choosen BioBricks: two different RBS from the kit (B0030, B0043), a promoter from the kit (R0010) and opform pSB1C3 with our BioBrick. - make O/N of these monday.
  • Made a TLC plate with A2: (phen.ala - oxime - A2 5 - A2 15)- check on monday (casette 16)

Other work

  • Made the draft for the renewed safety page.
  • Worked on the poster
  • Checked the sequence result on A1 and A2. - The result was not as expected, the explanation was that the sequencing was in the wrong direction. We will try again tuesday.

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