Copenhagen/18 July 2011




For Mikkel, today was not a succesful day. But he is still awesome. The colony tested via PCR for the B1 insert, turned out to have no insert at all. A new digestion of biobrick and plasmif was performed, ligated and transformed.

We have spent a lot of time looking at the other teams wikis. It has been very interesting but also a bit troubling. It seems that our project is not as original as we believed at first. At least not our fish saving CyperMan. Alberta did something similar in 2008 and Bielefeld-Germany and Caltech have projects related to ours. We are currently looking into possible collaborations with the two team in order to optimize our project but we must admit that our focus have shifted towards the fungus killing CyperMan and we are looking for an fungus person who can educate us a little about those marvellous creatures.

Lab Work


  • Waiting for sequences to return.



  • PCR on 1.ed. biobrick in pSB1C3
  • Double digestion of B1.
  • Ligation of the BioBrick (CYP79 B1) and the plasmid backbone (pSB1C3).
  • Transformation of the constructed plasmid into competent cells.

Not Plant Cyps

  • Digested the standard plasmid from iGEM pSB1C3 with EcoR1 and Pst1

Transformation with pSB1C3 from the iGEM kit.

Human CYPs

  • Waiting for sequences to return

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