Copenhagen/15 August 2011



Lab work

  • TLC on A2 (sub=phenylalanin) and A1 (sub=Tyrosin and a control with oxime) again
  • Amp plates
  • Miniprep on the A1 and A2 in pSB1C3, so ready to send to iGEM after sequencing
  • O/N for Expression & Purification in BL21 on A1
  • Analyzed the SDS-page from friday
  • Made TB media for Expression & Purification in BL21
  • Try the USER-assembly again
  • Autoclaved GMO-waste

Other work

  • Started on the poster for the Jamboree
  • Made an illustration of the expression of human CYP p450
  • Eat nice cake because Casper had birthday yesterday - congratulations to him!:)

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