Copenhagen/12 July 2011



Colonies on A2 but not on A1. Sequenses back on B1 - we have a mutated version! Hurra.

Lab Work

BioBrick A1

  • We transformed XL1-Blue with the A1'a we mutated friday, but this time we used 40 ul instead of 10 ul.

BioBrick A2

  • We took the A2's out and put it in and overnight culture
  • We purified A2 with Mini prep from 2 different colonies.
  • We analyzed A2 cut with Pst1 (which cut at the restrictionsite we want to remove)on an agarose gel. The results were incunclusive regarding the mutation, but we keep our fingers crossed and have sent them both to be sequences.

BioBrick B1 (And the rest eventually)

  • Digested the standard plasmid from iGEM pSB1C3 with EcoR1 and Pst1
  • We treated the digested plasmid by two methods -
    • half of the plasmid was purified with gel purification
    • the other half was submitted to heatshock at 80 degress in order to kill the restrictionenzymes.

Other Work

  • We had a very interesting and giving discussion with the faculty's philosopher Sune Holm about the ethical questions that arise when you work with GMO.
  • After the discussion we was so inspired that we made an "ethics" page and a forum. We plan to make short texts about some of the issues we discussed and invite all to join the discussion in the forum.
  • We met with two other danish teams from DTU. This was very inspiring as well and we have made lots of plans to collaborate with both teams.

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