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We did a whole bunch of brainstorming back in days spanning March to May, 2011.

Some of the interesting ideas really turned us on, and followed are the results of our first voting, showing a list of crazy ideas that catch the most eyesight of our fellow teammates.

Shining Ideas

  • Air refresher → Po-chine,Wu
  • Hair hope bac. - a prolonged way to treat Androgenic alopecia/Male Pattern baldness → Yu-Hao Cheng
  • Stop Melting -- use bacteria to slow down the melting ice in the North Pole and the South Pole → Chia-Chen Hsu
  • Sound,echo,and recorder → Shih-Hauo Chen
  • Optomagnetogenetic Inception Bac → Shang-Jui Tsai
  • Like the wolverine--make rapid renewal of epidermis undercontrolled by systemic regualtions of iPS factors → Hsu-Min Sung
  • Forwarding Engineering for reversing evolution → CHC
  • Anti-virus bacteria → Yu-Ying Chen
  • Water-marking → Yu-Ting Chen
  • Bacteria traffic light → Yu-Ting Chen
  • Anti-bac. bac. → Yu-Hao Cheng
  • I-HOT → Shih-Hauo Chen
  • The lipid consuming bac → Aileen Yap, Chia-Chen Hsu, Chuan-Yin Hsia, Huai-En Chang
  • Electric bac → Aileen Yap, Liu Chien-Hung, Chia-Chen Hsu

NYMU-Taipei Crazy Idea Finalist

  • Optomagnetogenetic Bac--Tailoring Your Avatar → Shang-Jui Tsai
  • Watermarking → Yu-Ting Chen


We made our hard choice between the two and finally "Tailoring Your Avatar" stood out as our team's project for this year.