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We're posting this letter on behalf of the BBC! We're not in charge of the filming of the documentary so please direct any questions to kelly . neaves (at) bbc . co . uk.

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Dear iGEM teams,

I am writing from the BBC in England and we are making a film about synthetic biology and genetic engineering.

We would like to feature an iGEM team in the film. This would involve us coming and interviewing your team and finding out about your project. Ideally we would like to film some results that will show at least one part of your project working. Our filming time will be in early September this year and the film will be broadcast on BBC2 in either January or February 2012.

If you would like your team to be considered please could you answer the questions below and send your responses to the following e-mail address: kelly . neaves (at) bbc . co . uk

We are on a tight time schedule and early responders will be considered very favourably!

Please write a few lines describing your project in a language that the general public will be able to understand (this is your chance to “sell” you project)

  1. How far do you envisage getting with your project (i.e. are there particular parts that you expect to work)
  2. If we were to come and film your project what experiments/results would you hope to be able to show us (please describe exactly what we would see)?
  3. Please provide any links to wikis about your work. Or any other online material you have (pictures, blogs etc.)
  4. We would really like you to film the members of your team introducing yourselves (this can be very short and can be filmed on a phone). If you are able to upload this to a server then please provide the web-link below. Otherwise please provide an e-mail address and I will invite you to a dropbox folder for uploading you video.
  5. Please provide any further information that you would like to tell us or that you think might be useful to us.

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