MethanE.COLIc : Decreasing the Greenhouse effects and Saving the workers life in one system

Firedamp explosions are frequently seen cases at all mines over the world. In Turkey every year, 50 miners lose their lives because of firedamp explosions. Firedamp is a flammable gas found in coal mines and it mainly contains methane. Beside its explosive property, methane is also the main contributor to global warming. However recent mine mechanisms release obtained methane into air. By offers of Synthetic biology, we aimed to design a device which will work on E.coli that provides solutions for side effects of methane. Device that we are planning to construct involves the genes of bacteria (Methylococcus capsulatus) and insect (Drosophilia melanogaster) Our compact system in E.coli is fabricated as sensation of methane, the conversion of methane to methanol and then entrapment of methanol to handle for biofuel and death of bacteria at 42 C by kill switch mechanism.



MethanE. COLIc project is designed to solve one of the problems of Turkey on worker security in mines, by constructing the natural parts of organisms. This project focuses on sensing the ambient methane gas and converting to one of the bio-fuel sources, methanol. Methanol is entrapped by product of one of the devices of project; then to elute methanol, cells are dead by kill switch device of project.

Our Researches

Hello everyone! We are Metu Ankara IGEM team. Our team consists of high motivated, social and enjoyable  “undergraduate  and graduate scientists” from departments of physics, chemistry and biology. We are such a team that complete each other  so that we all experienced team  spirit in IGEM. This makes us happy  while doing experiences even in the hot summer.Our slogan is “ all for one, one for all!! " Then, who are we?



In this section we considered and searched possible risks, safety and security concerns related to synthetic biology and our project. By taking photos and preparing enjoyable questionnaire, we emphasized the biosafety rules in laboratory and by referring to the articles of the authorities in Turkey, we summarized biosafety rules for public and researcher security.


Software Tools

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