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Talk from LSE
Things to consider in human practices:
Safety, Security, IP-intellectual property, ethical, biohacking, global fairness
For Anti-venom project
Safety : handling toxin in the lab, storage and transportation of toxins
Security : produce specificity problem, antivenom target for particular person
Patent : only the process obtaining product(antibody) but not the product itself, patent cost a lot of money
LEGO exercise:
- different ways to describe the construction process
- engineering language and user-friendly language

Contacts of people from RCA and LSE

- Pei-Ying Lin : peiying.lin@networkrca.ac.uk
- Koby : yaacov.barhad@network.rca.ac.uk
- CJ : charlotte@artforeating.com

- Alex Hamilton : r.a.hamilton@LSE.ac.uk
- Claire MArris : c.marris@lse.ac.uk
- Stephan Guttinges : s.m.guettinges@lse.ac.uk

(Text by Ming, Nina, Si, Yuanwei and Nick)

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