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Day 9 Entry (14th/July/2011)


- more brainstrorming

- came up with the following 9 ideas:

Chris - Termites : turning cellulose into sugar

Frank - Auxin secretion bacteria

Si - dodecane into primary alcohol

Nick - photosynthesis bacteria and ATP production

Ming - PHA into PAH

Rebekka - treatment of estrogen in the waste water

Nikki - nematodes

Nina & Yuanwei - cellulose breakdown library with the enzyme from rabbit cecum
Hamiltonian path problem and network alignment

- finally, Nina and Yuanwei's ideas were shut down since:
1. The cellulose breakdown idea is the same as the termites one.
2. The Hamiltonian path and DNA comnputing idea is definitely worth thinking to solve the protein-protein interaction problem, but it is too unrealistic for us.


- presentation !

Smooth and generally satisfying

- two ideas survived out of seven:

Termites group: Chris, Rebekka, Si, Yuanwei and Nick

Auxin group: Frank, Ming, Nikki and Nina

-drink at union bar:

Who is the next model for Ming ? Frank ?

Goat and dude - naughty :]

Yuanwei - we will get you drunk next time


-dinner at Oriental Canteen

-all of us went to the common room in James' hall to prepare for the presentation tomorrow

-presentation key points:
1. Title
2. Problem: background introduction
3. Project description
4. Previous iGem projects
5. Genetic circuits
6. Modelling
7. Experiments
8. Human practice
9. Safety , security and ethics

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