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iGEM Toolkits: Future Directions

Gibson Assembly Toolkit

1. Remove XhoI site from pGA3K3 vector

2. Remove homologous regions from pGA4A5, pGA4C5 vectors

We will keep working on adding more components into the toolkits at UW and hope that iGEM community will be able to use toolkits to join in on the fun!

Gibson Assembly Toolkit

We have developed and submitted several vectors that are Gibson Cloning friendly(see the "parts submitted" page). More of such vectors should be developed and added to the toolkit in the future.

Magnetosome Toolkit

We still have a long way to achieve our goal of making magnetic E.coli but this project is certainly worth investigating. We have a ton of project ideas for the future teams...

  • Express the rest of the gene in the MAI region in E.coli
  • Co-express the genes and study their interaction
  • Build the scaffold structure in E.coli
  • Express the full assembly in E.coli
  • Develop assay for the magnet formation
  • Determine the optimal cell growth condition......

In addition, the ability to produce and control uniform, nano-sized magnetic particles is attractive in areas such as medical imaging and nano-electronics where scientists and engineers are actively seeking innovative solutions for breakthrough in size and accuracy. Thus, if we are able to produce magnets in an organism that are thoroughly understood in a controlled manner, and be able to extract the magnets from them, this indeed is going to be very useful for a lot of areas.