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Hi, I'm Xudong Sun, a graduate student majoring in nano biophysics. All the wonders and mysteries in life sciences attract so I have changed my career from physics to biology. Currently , my research field is nanobio detection and manipulation with SPM, MD simulation of biological systems.

My interests range from modelling and simulation, signal and image processing,coding,and electronic engineering. In my spare time, i am involved in all kinds of sports and interesting activities,all kinds of balls, swimming, dancing ,hiking and many more.

I like chatting with people and arranging things. I have learned much from the experence in iGEM of cooperating with people from different backgrounds. As the team leader,my major task in this project is arranging the team affairs , investigating the fields we can do, writing the test codes of parameter analysis, discussing models and algorithms with other teammates and providing necessary biology background.

I hope everyone involved in iGEM can have fun, make more friends, learn more and enjoy yourself.

Email:smilesun.east AT

Hi, I'm Fangming(Charles) Liu, I'm a Junior student major in computer science. I'm interested in software engineering and programming languages. By attending the iGEM contest, i've further practised my skills and learned a lot from the members of our team. I've designed the main structure of the software and did some programming work during this spring and summer. I look forward to the day when pieces of software on this planet all cooperate together seamlessly and work as a whole. I'm glad to be your friend!

Contact info:
School of Computer Science, USTC
Email:crlf0710 AT

I am Zhuocheng He, a student from school of information science & technology USTC,majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

I joined USTC-software team because I am bored with Fourier.I regard IGEM as an opportunity to learn something other than xxFT,and I am satisfied with the outcome.

In the team,my job is constructing and maintaining the UI of Behavior View and Network View.

Contact info:
E-mail:farseer90718 AT

I am Ao Xu!   :)

I am a junior student majored in theory and applied mechanics.

As the boundaries among different disciplines of science are now blurring, I want to handle the ideology of engineering to arrive at a higher standpoint to try to understand the principle of life. iGEM, a Do-It-Yourself Genetic Engineering Program, provides us with such a good state to learn from utilization, and I am strongly attracted by this idea and cannot help imaging the science fiction picture where our daily life is changed by our genetic machine.

In our team, I mainly design and construct our website, responsible for human practice, together with raise ideas about User Interface, summarize useful information from previous work.

Contact info:
Department of Modern Mechanics, School of Engineering Science, USTC
E-mail: xuaoxiqi AT

I'am Junyuan (Eric) Xie, a Junior student of Univniversity of Science and Technology of China. My major is computer science and my research interest lies in Machine Learning and Data Mining. Besides, I'm also interested in programming and software development.

In this team, I'm responsible for coding and technical support. Specifically, I developed and maintained the interfaces between user, Lachesis and MoDeL. I have also given some help on the design and implementation of the parameter analysis algorithms. Now, I'm working with Xudong Sun to make a robust and easy-using software out of the parameter analysis algorithms.


piiswrong AT

Hi, I'm Liwei Qian, a graduate student majoring in computer science.

I like brainstorm and exchanging ideas with each other. Participating in USTC software team gives me a good opportunity to communicate and make friends with other team members.

In the team, I mainly work on parameter optimazation and model analysis. This is a classic problem in computer science and I'm interested in it.

In my spare time , I like to play pingpong and badminton. In summer, I always go to swimming with my friends and enjoy the feeling of cool.

Contact info:
School of Computer Science, USTC
Email:qlw894 AT

Hi, I am Li Hui, I am a graduate student major in computational mathematics, and I also interested in biomathematics. Joining in iGEM is a big event in my graduate life, I have learned much from group working, brainstorming. Cooperating and collaborating with other team members is an exciting thing. As the only girl in my team, I am very happy to get along with 8 talented boys, working together for the same target. In the team, I mainly work on the mathematic model to simulate biological reaction, and I am glad to see that mathematics can apply in the field of Synthetic biology.
In my spare time, I like travelling ,and I have a big dream to travel all around the world, collect all the beautiful scenery on the planet, and I am on my way to fulfill my dream, wanna go with me?
Contact info:
School of Mathematical Science, USTC
E-mail:lihui412828 AT

Hey, I am An'gang Wang, an undergraduate senior student majoring in Computer Science, yet biology is my interesting field, that is why I join in iGEM.
The best thing in iGEM is that I could get to know many talented guys, I learned ways to go well with the team, and team working is a good way to improve my ability for I can learn much from my team members. In the game, we come across with a lot of things, bad and good, it is an precious experience in our lives. In the team, I mainly work on the design of the datatype of our software and give lectures as well as raise ideas on our program, and I come to know a program is not only a software. Heroism is not the best way of teamwork.
In my spare time, I like sporting, and I have a big dream to make the world more beautiful. I can't fulfill this dream by myself , so is there anyone go with me?
Contact info:
School of Computer Science, USTC
Email:saytowag AT

Hi, I am Qi Wang, a graduate student majored in biostatistics and machine learning.
Being a member of the team of USTC-software has always been an enjoyable time for me. The DNA data I deal with in my daily research which used to be lifeless had become vivid after learning the background knowledge from iGEM, and I have learnt many useful programming tricks working with my team members.
In my team, I mainly work on the statistical model to simulate biological reactions, and find the most sensitive direction of the parameters of the systems of ordinary differential equations which describe the dynamic state of the biochemistry system in the hyperspace.
In my spare time, I like watching movie, my favorite film maker is Tim Burton.
Contact info:
Department of Statistics and Finance, School of Management, USTC
Email:ustchigger AT


Jiong Hong Wei Pan

Prof.Jiong Hong, associate professor of synthetic biology lab in USTC, primary contact of team USTC-Software. iGEM has a close connection to his teaching and research, experiments, assay development and modeling.

E-mail:hjiong AT

Hao Jiang, leader of team USTC(wet team) 2009. He provides suggestions and answers questions about concepts in synthetic biology, software needed in this field, visualization of parts assembly and reaction network dynamics, tricks in parameter estimation, etc.

E-mail: haojiang AT

Wei Pan, leader of team USTC-Software(dry team) 2009. He instructs on robustness and sensitivity analysis, helps team members in learning Automatic Biological Circuit Design (ABCD) and explains basic biological concepts.

E-mail: weipan AT

Zhen Wang Chen Liao Kun Jiang

Zhen Wang, Room 418, Key Lab of Quantum information, CAS. He contributes in the development of the idea of combining forward and reverse engineering together and helps team members in learning iGAME and basic biological concepts.

E-mail:xqqip AT

Chen Liao, leader of team USTC-Software 2010. He rewrites the core codes of iGaME with perl and that codes have been incorporated into Lechesis.

E-mail:liaochen AT

Kun Jiang, the cheif developer in iGEM 2010 USTC-Software team. He helps team building and training of software development.

E-mail:jkdirac AT