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iGEM team UNITS_trieste is composed by 6 students 2 advisors and 4 instructors: a small team with a great idea!!
The first meetings with the complete team started in march, however we individually started thinking of good ideas for iGEM in november 2010, so we did a hard work also before starting the actual work in the lab.
At the beginning there was only three members in the team and it seemed impossible to find all the necessary for our project, but we finally enlarged the team proper to the actual 6 members, and then together we found the teachers and researchers who helped us and critically judged our ideas for iGEM (we thought of at least at 50 ideas before finding the right one!). After a lot of meetings with different people, we found our path and we designed our project, which was approved and enthusiastically received by all our advisors with a “great idea guys!!!we can help you, let's start working!!!”.
Lots of people who are not an actual part of the team have carefully listened to our imaginative projects and helped us find the right way, giving us a great support for which we deeply thank them all!!

The current members of the team are:(Click for details on image clickable areas!)

luca niels giulio francesca veronica serena manfi giulia rudy vittorio gigi



Giulio Bernardinelli: THE PERFECT

24 years old, Functional Genomics student.
He is from Verona, and has a BSc in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (S.Raffaele, Milano).
The perfect one, he is careful that everything is going well, takes care of who is in trouble with his work and needs a hand. He has everything in his mind and if you need to know something about the wide world of molecular biology you just have to ask him, he’ll know it for sure!!
Dont' try to decompose his orderly way of taking pipette tips out of their boxes because he won't stand it! But he does indeed do some beautiful drawings with his tips' boxes!
He is a member of the bacterial lab but, as said before, he always runs in help to the “eukariotics” whenever they need him.


23 years old, Functional Genomics student.
He is from Piacenza and obtained a BSc in Medical Biotechnologies from the University of Milan.
The communicator, he can speak with everyone. Maybe some students fear about speaking with directors of departments or of research centres... This is not his case, he always has the right word in every moment for every person! Totally hyperactive, he has the ability to speak with 3 people, prepare a PCR, write an e-mail and control 4 different gene sequences, all at the same time!!
He is a member of the eukaryotic lab, he has all the cells under his control... And they do what he wants... He has the right words for them as well!!!

Veronica Parisi: THE RED

24 years old, Functional Genomics student.
She is from Trento and got a BSc in Biology at the University of Bologna.
The red, she stands out a mile because of her hair,: now she is red but you never know how she could be tomorrow, maybe blue or yellow...
The one who remembers all the numbers of the biobricks we are using, and their position in the plates without checking the registry. Do not disturb her while she is working because you could be bitten! Indeed she is really nervous and concentrated in the lab but out of it she is more like a funny Oompa Loompa!
She is a member of bacterial lab and she loves her competent cells!

Francesca Cesaratto: THE SMALLEST

23 years old, Medical Biotecnology student.
She is from Trieste and obtained her BSc in Biotechnology at the University of Trieste.
The smallest one, hard worker and serious when it is necessary. She has a perfect scheme of what we have done and what we will do, no step will be skipped! But she also is a little brat during relaxing cofee moments… Pay attention if you are quietly drinking your coffe because she probably will jump at you laughing and tickling your belly!
She is a member of bacterial lab and won’t let anyone skip his experimental control… She will know everything and will never be so nice with you... Until you do everything properly!!

Niels Ntamati Rwaka: THE PEACEFUL

23 years, Neuroscience student.
He is from Trieste and had his BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Trieste.
The peaceful one of the group. He never complains of his work and is never angry or nervous. When you see him in the lab he is always doing his work quietly and serenely, and he always welcomes you with a smile. Unfortunately, though, shooting the rubber band of his gloves to the people passing in the hallway of the lab has become his favourite hobby, and he has a good shot so he never misses his target.
He is a member of the eukaryotik lab, and cells are so happy when he is around them!!

Pierluigi D’Antrassi: THE INVISIBLE MAN

28 years, Clincal Engineering student.
He is from Catania and had his BSc in Informatic Engineering from the University of Catania.
You can't see him in the lab working with the other igemmers..but when you take a look to units igem website you can understand that he is working hard...alone at home!!
Indeed he is IGEM_UNITS wiki's guru!
All the igemmers miss his presence in the lab, he is a gentleman with everyone (expecially with girls), and he has a smile for everyone!He is always busy, he does at least 1000 calls per day, and he has always 1000 people to meet...but nevertheless, first, he thinks about igem website, and he is doing a great job!!!

Giulia Devescovi:

Research Assistant, Bacteriology and Plant Bacteriology group, ICGEB Trieste.
She helps the bacterial group for iGEM, without her we are lost. If you don't know how to do something or it’s nearly the tenth time you are redoing an experiment, she’ll have the right answer!!

Rudy Ippodrino:

PhD Student of Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa. He works in the Molecular Medicine group, ICGEB Trieste.
He advises the eukaryotic group with his experience, but his best skill is throwing deadly water-filled gloves at the unsuspecting iGEM members!

Guidalberto Manfioletti:

Associate Professor, Faculty of Mathematical Physical and Natural Science, University of Trieste.

Serena Zacchigna:

Staff Research Scientist, Molecular Medicine group, ICGEB Trieste.

Vittorio Venturi:

Group Leader, Bacteriology and Plant Bacteriology group, ICGEB Trieste.

Alberto Pallavicini:

Associate Professor, Faculty of Mathematical Physical and Natural Science, University of Trieste.


Trieste is the chief town of Friuli Venezia Giulia: Autonomous Region among the European Union most advanced areas focussed on innovation and internationalisation. Trieste hosts three universities (SISSA, UNITS, MIB) and a high number of national and international research bodies. Nowadays in Friuli Venezia Giulia there are over 8 researchers for every 1,000 inhabitants, reaching the same standard of United States. Trieste is also famous for its huge cultural and artistic heritage among which the Miramare Castle, the Synagogue of Trieste, the Verdi Theatre and last but not least the Piazza Unità d’Italia, the Europe's largest square facing the sea.


The University of Trieste (UNITS) consists of 12 faculties that cover a wide range of courses and currently has about 23,000 students enrolled and 1,000 professors. This middle-sized university is a relatively young Institution (80 years old) strongly oriented towards innovation and internationalisation. It boasts a growing network of international inter-university co-operation agreements and in this sparkling environment the wish to participate at IGEM has been well accepted. In 2011 the University of Trieste was evaluated by the Times Higher Education European University Rankings in the top 226-250 European University and the 5th in Italy.


The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology provides a scientific and educational environment of the highest standard and conducts innovative research in life sciences for the benefit of developing countries. It strengthens the research capability of its Members through training and funding programmes and advisory services and represents a comprehensive approach to promoting biotechnology internationally.
With Components in Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa, the Centre forms an interactive network with Affiliated Centres in ICGEB Member States. ICGEB is part of the United Nations System.


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