Team:UNAM-Genomics Mexico/Team/Atributions




  • General project design

    • Fabricio López (student), Gustavo Ruíz (student), Paulina Alatriste (student), Aarón Lecanda (student), Daniel Ramírez (student), Helena Reyes (student), Pablo García (student), Héctor Medina (student), Uriel Urquiza (advisor), Fernando Montaño (advisor).
  • Wetlab

    • Rhizokit
      • pBBR1MCS-5
        • Pablo García (student), Paulina Alatriste (student), Helena Reyes (student), Aarón Lecanda (student)
      • Anderson collection
        • Gustavo Ruíz (student), Melissa Molho (student), Aarón Lecanda (student)
      • RepC
        • Fabricio López (student), Vladimir Muñoz (student)
      • NifH promoter
        • Gustavo Ruíz (student), Melissa Molho (student), Maria de Lourdes Girard (collaborator).
    • Parts assembly
      • Fabricio López (student), Helena Reyes (student), Paulina Alatriste (student), Uriel Urquiza (advisor)
    • Control Design and Assembly
      • Daniel Ramirez (student), Helena Reyes (student)
    • Chlamydomonas research and care
      • Melissa Molho (student), Daniel Ramirez (student)
  • Model

    • Héctor Medina (student), Daniela García (colaborator)
  • Human Practices

    • Hydrobium etli goes Cuatzo
      • Paloma Velasquez (student), Nataly Álvarez (student), Misti Castillo (student), Araceli Ávila (student), Omar Carrillo (student), Mario Villanueva (student), Helena Reyes (student), Humberto Urquiza (advisor).
    • Biosintetizarte
      • Helena Reyes (student), Melissa Molho (student), Enrique Paz (advisor)
  • Gardening design

    • Daniel Ramirez (student), Paulina Alatriste (student), Melissa Molho(student), Gustavo Ruíz (student), Aarón Lecanda (student)
  • Hydrogen handling design

    • Aarón Lecanda (student)
  • Wiki

    • Design
      • Erick Flores (colaborator), Vladimir Muñoz (student), Abiel Treviño (student), Héctor Medina (student)
    • Implementation
      • Abiel Treviño (student), Héctor Medina (student)
  • Parts

    • Design
      • Héctor Medina (student), Fernando Montaño (advisor), Uriel Urquiza (advisor)
    • Optimization (CAI)
      • Helena Reyes (student), Pablo García (student), Vladimir Muñoz (student), Fernando Montaño (advisor)
    • Documentation
      • Aarón Lecanda (student)
  • Funds raising

    • Abiel Treviño (student), Melisa Rivas (colaborator), Helena Reyes (student)
  • Public relations

    • Fabricio López (student), Helena Reyes (student)

We, the Students, declare that the planning and organization of this iGEM 
Team, known officially as UNAM-Genomics_Mexico 2011, was done solely by 
students. Furthermore, the complete setup and installation of the lab, the 
wiki, all the ideas for all areas of our project and all labwork  was 
exclusively done by the student members of the UNAM Genomics Mexico. In 
other words, the Undergrads.