Special Thanks to all that have helped to make this project a reality:

Our families: for understanding our crazy dreams that consumed your time and resources, for your unconditional support and most of all for your love. We promise to give our best effort and show that all educative effort from you will give us the chance for being the best.

Dr. Silverio García Lara: for all your time and support, for teaching us that private industry could be a great ally and for helping us to understand and reach them.
Dr. Jorge Benavides Lozano: for your time and knowledge, for introducing us in the interesting and exciting world of the enzymes.
CPA Mario González: for your patience and backup with financial problems. For showing us the administrative world behind our work and the university.
M. Sc. Gonzalo Mendoza Ochoa: for your patience, for being a great one-legged friend and a good advisor.
CPA Claudia Dávila Ramos and Lic. Belinda Vargas Heredia: for being friendly and gentle with our endless problems that became easy after talking with you, for your efforts to arrange all our needs.
Lic. Mary Carmen Rodríguez Ayala: for understanding us in our complicated agenda that was a mess every day, for being a patience colleague.
M. Sc. Marco Arnulfo Mata Gómez and M. Sc. Lidia López Barrios: for giving us technical support with kindness and flexibility, for teaching us good laboratory practices with your own work.
Lic. Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Romero: for listening to our lab problems, even in the unhealthy days. For hosting our team providing lab space.
M. Sc. Juan Gerardo Cantú de la Garza and Elsita Salas Cabello: for all your support through the career direction with every administrative problem that showed up.
Dr. Elsy Genny Molina Solís: for being a great professor and an incredible woman that give us her knowledge. For your support with the MicroCongress.
Dr. Javier Serrano Bouquet: for being an incredible philosopher and an excellent professor. For your support in our MicroCongress and with the bioethics essay.
M. Sc. Naty Gabriela Ramírez Rivera: for all your time, tips and advices given with honesty and happiness.
José Manuel Tiscareño: for becoming our customs advisor and a special friend.
Dr. José Luis Stephano: For teaching us an alternative way of being a great researcher, for providing us your knowledge through our advisors, for the primers that allowed us to continue in the contest.
Dr. Jorge Welti Chanes: for giving us the opportunity, your time, and your own life example by being a great researcher and entrepreneur. For giving us the support of the university.
Lic. Myriam Robledo Pérez: for being the link between the University, the advisors, and the team. For being so accessible and giving us a great support and most of all your friendship.
Lic. Valeria Lobos y Lic. Andrea Martínez: for the lab material that you provide us even when you were not at the lab. For all your time that was invested in solving our problems with patience, for being good friends.
Engineer Pablo Guillermo Ramírez and Engineer Héctor Eduardo Ramírez from the "Center for Knowledge Systems" (Centro de Sistemas de Conocimientos, Tec de Monterrey) for helping us create the program of Augmented Reality. We think your world and ours have so many differences but that can be joined to create magic!
Emilio Polanco: for being a great great great friend, for your support in the MicroCongress as translator, for your english knowledge and support in the last moments of this project.

Mr. Eliseo Salas and all cleaning services of the University: for helping us maintaining the lab, even in the afternoon or Sundays when everything was a mess, your smile and energy give us the inspiration to go ahead.
Policeman Ricardo and all police department of the University: For visiting us at night checking that we were fine and being interested in our work.

Our teachers: for your assessments, for answering our questions at the beginning of our project.
Our friends: for not letting us down, for understanding this long and exhaustive work that quit our time with you, please keep understanding our crazy ideas, you will be proud of us. For your unconditional support and your time listening to our problems giving us great advices in order to keep looking and make a great project and best human beings.
Our biotech major colleagues: for your back up in our contests and meetings to obtain resources, for giving your support and friendship.
Tec Monterrey iGEM team 2010: for your tips, for remembering little details about things that happened to you last year.

Our own team: for all the great moments we have, for being friends outside lab and colleagues inside, for all the smiles and tears, for being a special team and incredible coworkers.