An iGEM club was formed to help with fundraising.

President: Elaine Bersaba and iGEM Concert Organizer
Co-President: Megan Tabor
Co-President: Sam Dugan
Treasurer: Dafne Ordonez
Fundraising Chairmen: Jovanna Casas and Lauren Thomas

Sponsorship List of $500 or more:

Mark Johnson, President of the University of Nevada, Reno
CABNR (College of Agriculture Biotechnology and Natural Resources)
The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department
Nevada INBRE (Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence)
The project described was supported by NIH Grant Number P20 RR-016464 from the INBRE Program of the National Center for Research Resources.
Nevada EPSCOR undergraduate summer research program
ASUN (Associated Students of the University of Nevada)
Sparks Seventh-day Adventist Church
Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
Sunrise Rotary International, Reno NV

Concert- iGEM Wolf Pack concert

On Saturday night, September 17, 2011, the iGEM Team Nevada 2011 held a huge fundraising event called the iGEM Wolf Pack concert. This concert involved a performance competition between organizations and clubs (Lambda Psi Rho, Sigma Omega Nu, Nu Alpha Kappa, Eph Bee Cee, Philippine United Students Organization TMCC, Manila Hoang, Sisters On A Move, She’s So Provocative, ABLE Women, RYoN, Dance City Dance Academy Dance Team, Phi Beta Sigma and Dueces Up Klique) that were known to be the most talented performers from the University of Nevada, Reno and also from the Truckee Meadows Community College.

A challenge was given to performers to incorporate iGEM into their performance and represent the state of Nevada and compete for the iGEM Best Performance Trophy. There were a variety of many talents and the performances consisting of step, stroll, dancers, rap, singers and bands. More than 300 people were present at the event. Food was sold at the event and there were also other activities, such as face painting, an iGEM recruitment booth for future iGEM members, and a poster display for the community to learn more about iGEM and the research that is involved.

The iGEM Wolf Pack concert was a huge success as it became more than just a fundraiser. Many people from the community, including the performers, seized this opportunity to be involved and admired the fact that they felt like they were a part of iGEM Team Nevada. Sponsors were also recognized and acknowledged at the event. Many were fascinated by the research and they were proud that the University of Nevada, Reno was able to compete at an international level. This concert earned the community’s respect and support. iGEM Team Nevada gained more than $1,200 in profit and a $400 donation that night.

The event also brought in media attention such as broadcast journalists from the University of Nevada, Reno TV news program Wolf Pack Week, and the UNR Film club. Other journalists also published articles about iGEM Team Nevada in the Reno News and Review, Truckee Meadows Community College Newspaper, and the Nevada Today by UNR Media Relations.

Nevada Today:’s-synthetic-biology-team-wants-to-dance-to-victory

iGEM BBQ Fundraiser:

Due to the lack of funding this year, iGEM Team Nevada held fundraising events during the spring semester of 2011. The iGEM BBQ Fundraiser was held at the Hilliard Plaza on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. Chips, sodas, and hotdogs (vegetarian, chicken/pork) were sold. The team earned around $800 profit. It was a success for iGEM Team Nevada as we are now known to be one of the leading fundraising clubs on campus.

iGEM Car Wash
A car wash fundraiser was organized by Sam Dugan and involved six other members of the team. The car wash lasted roughly four hours and we made about $350 during that time. We washed everything from a Porsche to a RV camper which was an experience to say the least. We had a lot of fun splashing around and yelling at cars driving by. Most of us got sunburned but we helped our team raise more money for research and had fun doing it so it ended up being a successful day.