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We helped out a few other universities too! We collaborated with the BU-Wellesley Software team to assist them in their goal of creating an ambient auxiliary system for the laboratory setting, by helping them bridge the designer and end-user gap. Their project, appropriately called "Puppetshow," aims to automate laboratory processes through the use of automated liquid-handling robots while preserving the sensibility and communicability of a human researcher. Wellesley students visited our lab twice and we provided them with information for the HCI (human-computer interaction) aspects of their project, including showing them the techniques used on our lab.

We also served as Beta testers for BU's software project, including providing a robot configuration for them and allowing them to install their software on our igem computer to get feedback from us. Finally, our team programmed a robot that was used to characterize parts made by the BU iGEM team.

Depicted above is the 2011 MIT iGEM team's addition to the DARPA funded robot in collaboration with BU. We programmed a user interface for the colony picker that can be found here. A video of one of our instructors using our interface to guide the robot can be found here. The scanner can also be used a 2D barcode scanner, thanks to a collaboration with Ginkgo that allowed us to port their technology to the scanner.