First of all, we would like to thank our supervisors, Mikael Rørdam Andersen, Helene Faustrup Kildegaard and Dorte Koefoed for volunteering to this project and for the support in the form of advise and guidance throughout the project.
We thank Deputy Head of Department of DTU Systems Biology Steen Heilmann for believing in our project and us as a team, and thereby making this project a reality by supporting us financially in the initial phase.

We also owe Hans Jasper Genee and Mads Bonde from DTU's iGEM 2009 a thank for inspiring us to participate in the iGEM competition and general support. A special thanks to Hans Jasper Genee for inspiration of our illustrations for the customization part on our wiki.

Hjalte Martin Larsen took our group photographs, profile pictures, and cool lab pictures. We are grateful for the time and energy he spent on capturing pictures and selecting the best pictures with patience, which was not an easy task.

We thank Bjarne Gram Hansen, who assisted in designing a flexible USER cloning system for mammalian cells, which led to the idea of the standardized assembly system.

We have used Malthe Martin Borch from DTU's iGEM 2010 as our feedback person during the iGEM Denmark gathering. He has further assisted us with advises regarding the iGEM competition and the requirements.

We also thank iGEM Copenhagen 2011 for providing shipping plasmid, great collaboration and communication over the summer, and the final weeks before admission of the project. We are grateful for the collaboration of the assembly system as well as for testing wiki site and jamboree presentation.

iGEM DTU Denmark has kindly provided us with three BioBricks from their iGEM kit, as we never received our own kit from the iGEM headquarters.

The U-2 OS cell line and the mammalian expression vectors we used for template was kindly provided by NNF-CPR

Finally, we would like to thank the CMB staff for their support and interest in our project. We have had a joyful summer in at the research center and appreciate all the help and advices we have received in the laboratory.