Plug 'n' Play with DNA: a novel assembly system

The DTU-Denmark 2 team is designing a novel standardized assembly system, called "Plug 'n' Play with DNA", where any biological parts can be gathered without use of restriction enzymes and ligases. Our goal is to create a new assembly standard of biological parts in the form of pre-produced PCR-products, which can be directly mixed with a vector. This will make synthetic biology faster and assembly of an expression vector possible within a few hours. We have created a library of standardized biological parts for mammalian cells and Aspergillus nidulans ready to plug 'n' play. The simple and easy use of this new assembly system has been demonstrated by developing a reporter system for mammalian cell lines as well as for A. nidulans. This novel assembly system represents an improvement of the conventional Standard Assembly of BioBricks, which has its limits when creating eukaryotic biobricks.