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Novozymes is one of the world's leading companies within the field of enzyme discovery and biotechnology. Novozymes is based on bioinnovation and their core business is industrial enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Novozymes has made it possible for the team to participate in iGEM 2011 through financial support.

Bavarian Nordic is a leading industrial biotechnology company developing and producing novel vaccines for the treatment and prevention of life-threatening diseases. Bavarian Nordic focuses on cancer, biodefence and infectious deceases as HIV and RSV. Bavarian Nordic have contributed with financial support.

IDT's is the manufacturing of custom DNA and RNA oligonucleotides for research applications. ALK Abello develops allergy products for the diagnosis, prevention and cure of allergies. They develop pharmaceutical products that target the actual cause of allergy and have a treatments, which is recognized by WHO as the only treatment that can change the underlying allergic disease. ALK abello made it possible to conduct our experimental work.

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 88 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Novo Nordisk is today one of the world's leading companies within diabetes care and insulin production. Novo Nordisk are also focus in the fields of haemophilia care and growth hormones. Novo Nordisk has contributed financially to the team.

DNA Technologies have activities within oligonucleotide synthesis and molecular technologies and research. DNA technologies provides a wide range of different services for the costumers including DNA sequencing and a range of molecular bioagents. DNA technologies made it possible for the iGEM team to sequencing all our BioBricks.

Integrated DNA technology is one of the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids, serving the areas of academic research, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. Integrated DNA technology have made is possible for the iGEM team to create all our PCR based BioBricks.

Pharmadanmark is a professional association which brings together academics in the pharmaceutical sector. Pharmadanmarks goal is to provide its members with the best conditions during and after graduation. Pharmadanmark has supported the iGEM team financially.

The Center for Microbial Biotechnology (CMB) is a research center at DTU. CMB develops new, cutting edge technologies used to gain insight into the molecular mechanisms governing complex pathways relevant in industrial fermentation processes, human disease development and in food processes. CMB has provided laboratories space and the staff have helped with advice when needed.

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was founded by H.C ├śrsted and is today DTU ranked as one of the leading technical universities in Europe, and the best engineering university in Scandinavia. DTU is recognized for its leading research within technical and natural sciences but also for the close collaboration and partnership with the industry. DTU and the institute of Systems Biology have made it possible to participate in 2011 iGEM competition by financial support.