: Our software can help user design artificial genome with essential genes in silico. However, there are no essential gene data in The Registry of Standard Biological Parts database. So, we employ way of our software using method that user design the genome with essential genes in first step, and user should modify the chosen essential genes for using biobrick assembly method in second step. Then user uses biobrick assembly methods for synthesizing the genome in wetlab.
And we will submit our software to the Registry of Software tools on the web,, until Asia Regional Jamboree. Also, because of the Wiki freeze on Oct 5, we’ll introduce another web address which can download our software.
Our software, GOD, is used to design artificial genome with essential genes that are stored in our database at present. We plan to analogize more essential gene data which fit on our statistical analysis and add to our database. It will make that user can design various, characterized artificial genome. Also, for easy designing in drylab and synthesizing in wetlab, we will employ data of The Registry of Standard Biological Parts database in next version of our software.

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Before Starting the GOD :
GOD is based on Eclipse with java language.
- User must download and install Java JDK.(

- User must download the java based program, Eclipse. Eclipse does not need installation.( )
however, Eclipse should be connected to JDK.

- User must download biojava packages ver3.0 and add them into Eclipse.
(More detailed tutorial and information have been on
GOD tutorial
- User must download gbk files and sourcecode of the GOD from our database.
- User must set up the Eclipse with Java JDK and biojava package ver3.0.
- Start the Eclipse, and run GOD Browser.

* GOD is developed with java language. So, if user wants to modify the GOD, user could modify the source of GOD whatever user wants to use to.