Who we are


  • Baishan Fang: Mentor for all
  • Zhaoshou Wang: Our favorite
  • Yidan Hu: Miss Dynamic


  • Zhizhen Zhao: Mr Patient
  • Xin Wu: A superstar
  • Qianwen Gao: A Teenie Weenie fan
  • Jie Chen: An expert for making green bean cakes
  • Qian Gao: A normal student... or(r) am I?
  • Yijuan Huang: Emmm~
  • Si Chen: Cute and shy
  • Yunchuan Jiang: The foreigner ?
  • Yi Wang: Loves little mice

What we did

Yidan Hu: leader of the team. Hu designed 2 of the favorite parts and other 5 new biobrick parts this year and she organized the general plans for lab work.

Zhizhen Zhao: designed one of the favorite parts and other 3 bacteria population-control devices. Zhao did the documentry and characterization work for most of the 22 new biobrick parts. Zhao is also the presentator and one of the wiki constructors in this team.

Xin Wu: designed 4 new biobricks this year. Wu is responsible for all data processing work in the lab. Wu organized the human practice for the team. Wu is also the poster and ppt maker and finace official in this team.

Qianwen Gao: designed one of the signalling devices this year. Gao did part of the documentry work of the project and she is also one of the wiki constructors and the lab journal writer in this team.

Jie Chen: designed one of the signalling devices this year. Chen did the modelling work in this team.

Qian Gao: designed one biobrick part this year.

Yijuan Huang: designed one of the signalling devices this year.

Si Chen: designed one biobrickpart this year.

Yunchuan Jiang: designed 2 biobrick parts this year.

Yi Wang: designed one biobrick part this year.


All work described on this wiki or on our Partsregistry pages was done by iGEM Team XMU-China 2011. We managed the whole project, from planing to financing and the complete lab work by ourselves. Nevertheless we could not have done all this work without the help, advice and guidance of several people. Therefore, special thanks to the following people:

Our Instructor Pro. Baishan Fang for giving us the opportunity to participate in iGEM through letting us work in his lab. We were allowed to use all instruments and materials of the lab. Furthermore, Pro. Fang helped us with scientific guidance, financing and was always ready for answering questions.

Our Wiki Constructor Yongzhen Hou from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications for helping us build up our website.

Our Advisor Dr. Jingcong Yu for giving us valuable ideas and guidance in lab practise.

Our Advisor Graduate Jianghai Peng for helping us in part designs.


Yidan Hu

Zhizhen Zhao