Team:Washington/Protocols/Induc studies.


Induction Studies of Gene-Protein Fusions (mamK-sfGFP and mamI-sfGFP)

  1. Obtain a tube and fill it with 5 mL TB + Amp + Chlor.
  2. Obtan another tube and fill it with 1 mL TB + Amp + Chlor.
  3. Starting with an already prepared PBS broth, pipet 20 uL into each tube.
  4. Add 200 uM IPTG into each tube and incubate at room temperature.
  5. Prepare a microscope slide of each sample and Image using a microscope.
    • Pipet ~ 5 ul of each sample onto separate slides.
    • Carefully cover the samples with agarose containing M9 + Amp + Kan + IPTG