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<center><big><big><big><big>UW iGEM 2011: Protocols</big></big></big></big></center><br><br>
[  General Agarose Gel Electrophoresis]
[  General Agarose Gel Electrophoresis]

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General Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

General PCR Protocol

General Digestion Protocol

General Ligation Protocol

General Transformation Protocol

Colony PCR Protocol

Competent Cell Prep Protocol

Kunkel Mutagensis

Overview of how Kunkel Mutagensis works

Standard 1L Expression Purification

Gene Assembly With Oligos


Computational Protein Design

Glycerol Stocks

Make It: Diesel Production Protocols

Alkane Biosynthesis media and extraction

Alkane Biosynthesis cloning

Cell Lysate Assay by Decarbonylase Redesign Team

Break It: Gluten Destruction Protocols

Whole Cell Lysate Assay

Small Scale (50mL) Protein Expression and Purification

Purified Enzyme Assay

Make It: iGem Toolkits

Cytometry Protocol

Electroporation (Transformation)

Gibson Cloning/Assembly

Gibson Purification

High-Yield PCR (Full-Gene Assembly)

Isolation of Plasmid DNA (miniprep)

Induction Studies of Proteins Fusions (mam-sfGFP)

PBS Stock Protocol

Preparation of Overnight Cultures

Wiki Design

Wiki Design Tools (Wiki Markup, WikiDust, etc.)