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UW iGEM 2011: Data Page

Data Summary

Data for Favorite New Parts

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  1. Main Page - BAR responsive promoter, BBa_X0X0X: promoter can be induced to express a marker gene (GFP) when exposed to skunk smell (Butanethiol, C4H9SH), but not when exposed to pleasant scents
  2. Main Page - Insulated Vector, BBa_XXX00: un-induced leaky expression is blocked by transcriptional terminators
  3. Main Page - BAR Bad Odor Receptor, BBa_000XX: yellow fluorescent protein-tagged BAR (BBa_X00XX) shows that BAR is produced in E. coli

Data for Existing Parts

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  1. Experience - Wintergreen odor enzyme generator, BBa_J45119 (MIT, iGEM 2006): 98 out of 100 volunteer subjects standing up to 5 feet away from the bacterial cultures could distinguish wintergreen-producing bacteria from negative controls.
  2. Experience - RBS, BBa_J61110 (Arkin Lab, 2007): Of the 5 RBS Parts we tested, this RBS works best for expressing yellow fluorescent protein-tagged BAR

Improved Parts

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  1. Main Page - Air Freshilizor, BBa_XXXXX: Our mathematical model predicts that the threshold of activation is 10 parts per billion, the concentration of Butanethiol that humans can typically smell

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