Team:Utah State/Attributions


Attributions & Contributions

Graduate students provided training and advice for the undergraduate students, handled ordering of supplies, and helped to keep the project on schedule.

Undergraduate students developed the overall project concept and designed most aspects of the project. Undergraduates also completed most of the wet lab work.

Biobrick Construction and testing was done completely in-house by 2011 USU iGEM Team.

Sequencing for DNA BioBrick components was carried out at the on-campus sequencing center (Center for Integrated Biosystems) at Utah State University.

The team wiki was designed and created by the undergraduate and graduate students, notably Charles Barentine, who designed the main page format.

Funding for Utah State University's iGEM team was kindly provided by GenScript. The Department of Biological Engineering and College of Engineering Dean's Office also generously provided financial support for this project.

iGEM Collaboration

Parts created by Utah State University's iGEM team were sent to Team Nevada.

From Team Nevada's Wiki:

"We have developed a collaborative relationship with the 2011 Utah State University Team. They have generously supplied us with promoter construct for transgene expression in Synechocystis. We have had back and forth communications throughout the summer. Since Dr. Shintani has had past experience transforming Synechocystis, he was able to offer assistance to Dr. Miller of the Utah State Team on Synechocystis transformation protocols."



We would like to thank the generous contributions of those who largely made this project possible:

USU College of Engineering Utah State University SWBEC
Utah State Universty College of Engineering Utah State University Utah State University The Sustainable Waste-to-Bioproducts Engineering Center
Biological Engineering SBMC GenScript
Utah State University Department of Biological Engineering Utah State University Synthetic Bio-Manufacturing center