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Data Page

This page shows a list of all the parts that we have made or used in the project. Click on the link for each part to see more details about that part on the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. For a brief overview of our main results, please have a look at our Main Results page.

How our system works

Data for our favourite new parts

  1. Main Page - Composite pVeg2 - IaaM - IaaH, BBa_K515100: We have have shown that indole 3-acetic acid is being produced in our bacteria. In addition, we have exposed a mutant of Arabidopsis that expresses YFP in response to IAA to our auxin-producing bacteria. These plants were fluorescing more brightly than the controls.
  2. Main Page - Composite p(tetR) R0040- RBS B0034- Dendra2, BBa_K515107: We have successfully expressed and photoconverted this protein in E. coli cells. In addition, we photoconverted the protein inside bacterial cells that had been taken up into plant roots using a confocal microscope.
  3. Main Page - PA2652, BBa_K515002: We did numerous assays to see whether the bacteria respond to malate. Our first behavioural analysis seems to indicate that there is an increase in tumbling frequency when malate is present and the cells are expressing PA2652.

Data for pre-existing parts

  1. Experience - p(TetR) mRFP - BBa_I13521 (Endy Lab, iGEM 2005):We have added the results of our thermostability assay to the experience page of this part.
  2. Experience - p(TetR) GFP - BBa_I13522 (Endy Lab, iGEM 2005): We have added the results of our thermostability assay to the experience page of this part.

We've also created and characterised the following parts

  1. Main Page - IaaM - tryptophan-2-mono-oxygenase, BBa_K515000: brief conclusion of data
  2. Main Page - Indoleacetamide hydrolyase, BBa_K515001: brief conclusion of data
  3. Main Page - Regulatory pVeg2, BBa_K515010: brief conclusion of data
  4. Main Page - Antiholin, BBa_K515004: We expressed anti-holin in E. coli cells.
  5. Main Page - Composite J23100 promoter - Antiholin, BBa_K515104: We expressed anti-holin in E. coli cells.
  6. Main Page - Coding Dendra2, BBa_K515007: brief conclusion of data
  7. Main Page - Superfolded GFP (sfGFP), BBa_K515005: brief conclusion of data
  8. Main Page - Composite J23100 promoter - sfGFP, BBa_K515105: brief conclusion of data
  9. Main Page - Composite J23100 promoter - PA2652, BBa_K515102: brief conclusion of data

Some of the parts are under-construction

  1. Main Page - Composite J23103 promoter - RBS B0034-RFP E1010 - Holin K112805 - endolysin K112806, BBa_K515106: brief conclusion of data