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We would like to cordially thank all of those who have made our iGEM team successful this year. To our graduate and post-graduate students, if it was not for your careful guidance and perseverance, we would not have been where we are today. Thank you all very much.

Graduate students:
Sun Young Goo, who instructed us on various lab techniques
Ryan Randall, in Eric Gaucher's Lab
Samit Watve, a first-year graduate student Douglas White, in Melissa Kemp's Lab

Post-Graduate students:
Lauren Childs, working with both Joshua Weitz's Lab and with the School of Mathematics
Megan Cole, in Eric Gaucher's Lab
John Patrick Bardill, in Brian Hammer's Lab

Thanks to Eric Gaucher for his supply of materials and lab equipment, without your role as our host lab we would not have been able to perform even half of our experiments. We are also indebted to Ryan Randall, the lab manager, for ordering all of our supplies, sending in our DNA for sequencing, and keeping us performing science.

We would like to also thank Roldolphe Barrangou for supplying active cultures of Streptococcus thermophilus DGCC7710 and an annotated CRISPR/Cas system sequence.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all of our advisers for their support of our project and perspective on our experiments. They have worked incredibly hard, from listening to our crazy ideas to helping us receive funding. We are infinitely grateful to Dr. Joshua Weitz, Dr. Eric Gaucher, Dr. Brian Hammer, Dr. Mark Styczynski, and Dr. Harold Kim. Thank you very much!