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Novozymes is one of the world's leading companies within the field of enzyme discovery and biotechnology. Novozymes is based on bioinnovation meaning that they apply biotechnology to challenge and complement traditional thinking and applications in order to identify sustainable solutions for......... Their core business is industrial enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Novozymes has made it possible for the team to participate in iGEM 2011 through financial support. sustainability in every aspect of the solutions the offer their costumers and are among the leading companies in production and discovery of new enzymes. Novozymes products facilitate solutions that ensure optimal processes and high quality products in various industries such as Argiculture, biopharma, textile ect.

Bavarian Nordic is a leading industrial biotechnology company developing and producing novel vaccines for the treatment and prevention of life-threatening diseases. Bavarian Nordic focus on cancer, biodefence and infectious deceases as HIV andRSV. Bavian Nordic have sponsored experimental materials making the assembly of various BioBrick possible.

ALK was established in the beginning of the 1920'ies. ALK's main focus are on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of allergies and are a global leading company in allergy vaccinations. ALK's research are ground breaking and one of ALK's treatments are recognized by WHO as the only treatment, that can change the underlying allergic disease. ALK has supported us with T-shirts and experimental materials.

Novo Nordisk already toke it's origin in 1922 and after fusion in 1989, it became fast growing and global healthcare company. Novo Nordisk is a world wide recognized company for its diabetes care but has also gained ground and focus in the fields of haemophilia care and growth hormones. Novo Nordisk has contributed to that the whole team can take to Boston.

DNA Technologies was established in 1992 and are today among the leading manufactures and suppliers of costume designed oligonucleotides. Besides the manufactory of oligoneucleotides, DNA technology provide a wide range of different services for the costumers including DNA sequencing and distribution of molecular bioagents.
DNA technology kindly sponsored us with DNA sequencing of our BioBricks.

Integrated DNA technology was established in 1987 and are among the leading manufactures and developers in the research field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. IDT is recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing oligonucleotides, and and have kindly supported us with primers.

Pharmadanmark was established in 1873 and is a union gathering academics within the pharmaceutical field. Pharmadanmarks goal is to provide its members with the best conditions during and after graduation in the terms of professional development, employment, salary and career development. Pharmadanmark have sponsored us with sweatshirts and are covering all printing expenses.

Center for Microbial Biotechnology are a successful research center at DTU .CMB develops new, cutting edge technologies used to gain insight into the molecular mechanisms governing complex pathways relevant in industrial fermentation processes, human disease development and in food processes. CMB have let us use the both the mammalian and fungal laboratories and has provided us with help and lots of advises whenever needed.

In 1829 Technical University of Denmark was founded by H.C Ørsted and today DTU are ranked as one of the leading technical universities in Europe. DTU are recognized for its leading research within technical and natural science but also for the close collaboration and partnership with the industry.