Parts Summary

This is a summary of the parts that we have submitted to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. These parts include a luciferase reporter, codon optimized for use in algae (BBa_K640000), a heat/light-inducible Hsp70A/RbcS2 promoter also for use in algae (BBa_K640001), our E. coli to Pseudomonas origin of transfer (BBa_K640002), a Pseudomonas broad range host origin of replication (BBa_K640003), and testing constructs containing ori1600 and our origin of transfer (BBa_K640004), as well as ori1600 and a previously submitted origin of transfer (BBa_K640005).

Since Regionals, we have also submitted our microalgae testing construct, containing our inducible promoter and our algae-optimized luciferase (BBa_K640007). We also submitted our putative NA-sensitive promoter (BBa_K640008) as well as a construct containing this promoter region upstream of lacZ, for use in our electrochemical reporter system, all upstream of our E. Coli to Pseudomonas conjugation system (BBa_K640006).

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