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Human Practices

The University of Calgary team used a wide range of approaches to Human Practices, from generating awareness about iGEM and enthusiasm for synthetic biology to rigorously examining the legislation surrounding the toxin that we are studying and assessing the market for a biosensor for naphthenic acids.

To enhance community outreach, the team visited a school outside of Calgary to promote iGEM and science in general. The Student Union at the University of Calgary recently sanctioned a new iGEM club that we will be developing. We are hoping to promote iGEM and help attract new members to the team. Two of our current members competed in a presentation competition and exposed a new range of scientists and engineers to the ideas and themes of synthetic biology.

To fully understand the role that our biosensor will fill in environmental assessment, we first needed to find out how the government looked at naphthenic acids in tailings ponds and how they regulate their cleanup. This led to a report that we have summarized on the government regulation page. From this report, we gathered more information and created a market analysis that examines how a naphthenic acid biosensor would fare in the market.

We recently collaborated with the iGEM team from the University of Lethbridge on an E. coli growth assay. The results of this collaboration can be found here. Lastly, we are in the process of making a music video. Stay tuned for updates on this after the wiki freeze!