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Current Hardware Stuff

Tube shims:
Tube shims for centerfuge are finished. They will be uploaded to shapeways if anyone wants to get 'em.
Should be cheap. Will modify to cheapen.

Current PCR block. Quotes for it's manufacture are woefully high. Looking to decrease this cost. Prices:

  • $950 (!!!) to have it 3D printed.
  • ~$300 to $400 for a custom machining job.
  •  ??? Other methods of manufacture (sand casting, investment casting, ect...)?

Ways to possibly lower the cost:

  • A Heat conductive polymer
  • Some kind of putty (?? No idea what this was ??)
  • Ceramic block
  • Decrease size of block
  • Remove hard to machine features
  • Remove block entirely and construct PCR from heated baths
  • A mixture of a few of these (simpler block with baths rather then tube shaped holes)

Heating Rate: .7 to 1.1 C/S
Cooling Rate: 2.0 C/S

PCR Design:
Bmore PCR Design.png

Cheap PCR (maybe?)
Bmore CheapPCR Design.png
Bmore CheapBlock Design.png

Software/Interfacing stuff

For the PCR interface software we need:

  • A menu bar with save, load, PCR settings, about, comm settings, connect, and disconnect
  • A list box that allows us to add time/level points.
  • A set of textboxes that we input new times/levels in (with a button)
  • A picture box depicting the heating profile we are setting
  • A set of textboxes/labels that indicate the current state of the PCR.
  • A set of buttons, execute the current sequence, reset the sequence, and stop/pause the sequence.