Team:BYU Provo/Team Thermosensor/Week5


Team BYU Provo

BYU Provo

Week 5 (May 8-14)


After the multiple failed attempts of amplifying LacZ we decided the error could no longer be our fault. We reordered primers, as it turns out sometimes the people who synthesize the primers make mistakes too.

Set up LacZ PCR using the recently ordered primers.

  • (19-1)
  • ~31 µl ddH20
  • 10 µl 5x phusion buffer
  • 1.5 µl 10mM dNTP’s
  • 1 µl primer IG39
  • 2 µl primer IG40
  • 1 µl diluted template DNA JHG526 (we renamed pIGGY)
  • 0.5 µl phusion polymerase