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Team BYU Provo

BYU Provo


Week 15 (Jul. 24 - 30)

26 July 2011

Re-doing colony PCR on DeltaTS just to double check. Colony PCR seems inconclusive.

27 July 2011

With the way the bands look again it seems as though the insertion did not happen. Talked to Dr. Grose - it in fact appears that there are even more than just two bands. Thus, she will be doing the cloning of the thermosensor.  :(

28 July 2011

Set up overnights to freeze down strains containing the pLATBAD and pLATBAD respectively.

30 July 2011

Colony PCR from transformations that Dr. Grose set up. (DeltaTS, pBAD, LacZ)

I am taking from as many of the larger blue colonies as I can between the two plates Dr. Grose set up. I may do one or two white colonies to compare. Tubes and slices labeled 1-8 respectively. All colonies I ended up taking were blue colonies.

Should be in Dr. Grose’s PCR machine or freezer if someone wants to check on a gel. Boiled template is in our freezer.

I am putting the colony PCR plate in the 30oC incubator at 2:00 pm. (It just has DeltaTS in one of the “pie slices”) Also I plated it on an xgal plate so if the PCR looks good we can just run experiments off that plate. Colonies they came from were blue so it could be really good.


I put Dr. Grose’s 4 plates in the fridge in our room. I wasn’t sure what she meant by leaving them at least fridge won’t hurt anything