The iGEM Amsterdam 2011 team would like to thank everyone that helped with our project for their generous support.

As this is the first year the Vrije Universiteit and the Universiteit van Amsterdam sent a team to the iGEM competition, it was a learning experience for everyone. Representing two universities as one team has proven to be very challenging, especially because we are the first team to do so, and we couldn't have gotten this far without all the support. A special thanks goes out to:

  • Domenico Bellomo; for his invaluable support and experience in running a successful iGEM team.
  • Pernette J. Verschure; for her help in maintaining the general flow of the project, and for her assistance with all our biosafety related enquiries.
  • Our daily supervisors: Lisette Anink, Frédéric Crémazy and Diewertje Piebes; for their invaluable advice and limitless patience.
  • The Nuclear Organization Group of the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences; for allowing us to use their lab space and equipment.
  • The Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics; for letting us use their climate chambers and cold storage.
  • Nadine Bongaerts and Eva Brinkman from BioTecture; for their help with developing our game for the night of the nerds.
  • Willem Fokkema; for an insightful brainstorm session on outside-the-box applications.
  • Tsjalling Swierstra, of the Universiteit van Maastricht; for giving us a workshop in ethics and the socio-public aspects of synthetic biology.
  • All Dutch iGEM teams; for the great get-togethers and moral support.
  • Team Yale; for sharing their anti-freeze proteins with us.
  • Team Stanford-Brown; for offering us the opportunity to participate in their extreme altitude balloon flight experiments.
  • And to all our sponsors; for their most generous support.

Thank you all!