Team Alberta created several videos to aid in making our project more understandable and more approachable. Please find these videos as well as others below.

An Introduction to Our Project

Outreach is an essential part not only to the iGEM competition but also to the greater scientific community. Team Alberta recognizes the importance of making science understandable for both experts, novices, and the general public. This video describes our project without the use of scientific jargon and it allows for easy access to the ideas that are presented by our team.

Race Tubes

This video depicts the growth of Neurospora crassa in race tubes. Race tubes were first used by Tatum and Beadle in 1943 as a way to precisely and accurately measure the length of hyphal extension of N. crassa, effectively measuring the rate of growth. We used race tubes to compare the growth rate of N. crassa on a variety of media, such as wheat straw and grass clippings, in contrast to traditional media like Vogel`s Minimal Media and Potato-Dextrose Media.

British Broadcasting Corporation

This video was created by Team Alberta as part of an application to the British Broadcasting Corporation to have our iGEM team featured in their upcoming documentary on synthetic biology. The video contains a brief introduction of our team members.

Our Summer Theme Song

Jennifer Lopez's latest single, On the Floor, became our lab's summer theme song. We felt obligated to include the music video for On the Floor as part of our wiki. Enjoy!