High School Competition/Judging Criteria

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For the iGEM jamboree judges will use the following guidelines to judge each team.


Lab Standards

This prize will be based on what your lab accomplishes for the field of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is a field of collaboration between labs. Each lab submits new parts or identifies existing biological parts, these parts will be added to the growing registry. If your lab produces a new part, identifies existing parts, or alters an existing part your lab will receive a standard based on your work.


The judges can award a special prize to a team. The specials are:

 Best poster
 Best presentation
 Best natural biobrick
 Best biobrick assembly
 Best Wiki

There will also be awards that can be created and given by the teams!!


All teams participating in iGEM will have to declare a track for their project. The tracks for the high school division are the same for the collegiate division. They are:

      Food and Energy
      Foundational Advance
      Information Processing
      New Application

Grand Prize

At the end of the presentations and the poster judging the judges will choose teams as finalists. During the jamboree the finalist will present and the judges will choose the grand winner of the jamboree.