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IGEM 2011 Calendar of Events

Note: Dates in grey have not been finalized yet. Make sure to check the calendar periodically for any changes!

March IGEM 2011 registration opens
March 31 IGEM 2011 registration closes; Team registration fee due
April / May DNA Distribution sent to teams (target deadline; subject to change)
May - June Teachers Workshops
July 15 Team project descriptions due
July 15 Safety proposal due
September 2 Regional Jamboree attendance fee due at 11:59pm, EDT
September 2 Track selection due
Project abstracts due
Team rosters due
Safety questions due
Europe Americas Asia
Sep 21 Sep 28 Oct 5 Project and part documentation due, including documentation for all medal criteria
Sep 21 Sep 28 Oct 5 BioBrick Part DNA due to the Registry
Sep 21 Sep 28 Oct 5 Judging form due
Sep 21 Sep 28 Oct 5 Wiki FREEZE at 11:59pm, EDT
October 1-2 iGEM 2011 Regional Jamborees: Europe
October 8-10 iGEM 2011 Regional Jamborees: Americas
October 15-16 iGEM 2011 Regional Jamborees: Asia
Europe Americas Asia
Oct 2 Oct 10 Oct 16 Wiki Unfreeze
October 28 World Championship Jamboree attendance fee due
October 28 World Championship Wiki FREEZE at 11:59pm, EDT
October 28 Additional Part DNA due to the Registry (not a requirement)
November 5-7 iGEM 2011 World Championship Jamboree, MIT