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Chelsea XXXX

Biography here

Ellen Widdup

Biography here

Emily Hicks

Biography of Emily Hicks

Felix Chung

Felix's biography

Niko Hornbruch

Niko's biography here

Patrick Wu

Biography here

Peter Qi

Biography here

Robert Mayall

Hey, I'm Robert, and I just finished my second year of Biomedical Science at the U of C. I've never done any kind of research work before so I'm excited to help out with the sensor system and have fun and create some mutants. The best part of this job is that there's a Timmies on the walk here, so I'm full of energy by the time I get to the lab. The summer will be awesome, working with some cool dudes and playing with science!

Saeed Mohammed

Biography here

Stephen Dixon

Stephen has completed his second year in Software Engineering with a Biomedical Specialization. In the past, Stephen was a competitive debater, achieving silver at the 2009 Provincial Championships, bronze at Europeans, and competed at Nationals. In his spare time, Stephen is an avid programmer and is working on solving mathematical puzzles at Project Euler. He also recreationally participates in badminton, swing dancing, and judges at debate tournaments.

Story Chung

Story's biography


Lisa Gieg


Margaret Renaud-Young