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 This is team Tokyo_Metropolitan 2011 wiki. We have a project "BeE.coli" on iGEM 2011 and tackled safety issues or human practice proposal. Please click menu to see more our pages!

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Abstract : BeE.coli
 Team Tokyo_Metropolitan 2011 propose the project "BeE.coli" as a micro injection system.BeE.coli has the abilities to move fast and target pathogens concentrated area.Getting close to pathogens, it sends the killer gene to them with conjugation. Then pathogens will be killed.
 To accomplish this project, we planned to add three functions to E.coli. First, expression of the mutant H-NS proteins enables E.coli to move faster. This contributes to increasing the frequency of conjugation.
 Second function is new taxis for AHL. We make the target bacteria as a model of pathogens, and they produce AHL. BeE.coli goes for the area where high concentrations of AHL that means concentration of target bacteria.
 Last, BeE.coli kills pathogens by sending the killer gene with the conjugative plasmid. BeE.coli has the anti killer gene repressing the killer gene.
 In the future, BeE.coli will be useful for medical scenes.
Taxis for AHL!
BeE.coli go to area where target bacteria is concentrated.
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Get high speed move!
BeE.coli have mutant HNS protein(T108I).
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Sting pathogens!
BeE.coli send holin gene to target bacteria with conjugation.
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