Copenhagen/2 August 2011



We are very excited about the gel we are going to make today!!


  • Run gel on the PCR products from yesterday - to see if the new primers work better so we now will se an insert. The gel showed a positive result for A1 and A2 in the expr. vector.
  • Image of gel:
PCR gel 2-8-11.jpg

  • Make MiniPrep on the O/N cultures from yesterday which appear to have an insert - we have picked two of each of A1 and A2 which showed a posítive gel result.
  • Do digestion of PSB1C3 once again, since the digestion O/N was to be in 37 degrees.
  • PCR on the A1 and B1 from the plates from yesterday - to see if its our procedure thats wrong or there's simply no insert. At the same time we are checking our "old" B1 from the 25/26th of July in the expr. vector: 3 from transformed XLblue cells and 3 colonies from transformed Bl21 cells.

Other work

  • Renew projectdescription
  • Find a fungi induced promoter

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