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Data Page

Data Summary

Data for Favorite New Parts

Diesel Production

1, 2. BBa_K590025: The PetroBrick - A modular and open platform for the biological production of diesel fuel. The PetroBrick consists of AAR and ADC, each behind a standard Elowitz RBS. All of this is under regulation by a high constitutive promoter in pSB1C3.

Gluten Destruction

3. BBa_K590087: KumamaMax- A modified version of the enzyme Kumamolisin, a protease ofthe sedolisin family native to Alicyclobacillus sendaiensis known to be active at low pH and elevated temperatures. To Kumamolisin, the mutations N291D, G319S D358G, D368H increase activity to the PQLP peptide, an antigenic epitope in gliadin, 118-fold.

Gibson Assembly Toolkit

4. BBa_K590010: pGA1A3_pLacGFP, BBa_K590011: pGA1C3_pLacGFP, BBa_K590012: pGA4C5_pLacGFP, BBa_K590013: pGA4A5_pLacGFP, BBa_K590014: pGA3K3_pLacGFP - These are plasmid backbones optimized for use in Gibson cloning, with a variety of copy numbers and antibiotic resistances.

Magnetosome Toolkit

5. BBa_K590015: sfGFP_mamK_pGA1C3 - This part consists of the mamK gene from Magnetospirillum magneticum strain AMB-1, fused to sfGFP, in the backbone of pGA1C3. MamK was previously reported to be required for proper alignment of magnetosomes in a chain in magnetic bacteria.
6. BBa_K590016 sfGFP_mamI_pGA1C3 - This part consists of mamI gene from Magnetospirillum magneticum strain AMB-1, sfGFP in the backbone of pGA1C3. MamI is a membrane-localized protein that localizes magnetic vesicles to the surface of cells, thus forming characteristic magnetosome chains.

Data for Existing Parts

7. K314100: High Constitutive Expression Cassette (Washington, iGEM 2010) - We used this part to express our Petrobrick.

Improved Parts

8. BBa_K590059, BBa_K590060, BBa_K590061: LuxC, D, and E (Cambridge, iGEM 2010) - Formerly part of the LuxBrick the genes luxC, D, and E were not separated or codon-optimized. We codon-optimized these genes and put them under the control of standard Elowitz RBS's. This was accomplished by the Alternate Aldehyde branch of the Alkane Production team.

All Submitted Parts