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Welcome to the page of Waseda-Japan team.

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Project Description

In the natural world, creatures show various responses to changes in their environment. Light is one of the changes. 2011 iGEM-WASEDA team focuses on controlling gene expression by intensity and wavelength of light. Our goal is to make E. coli express certain patterns with corresponding light inputs. In this project, we use two photoreceptors, CcaS and CcaR, which receive specific wavelengths of light. By combining the two photoreceptors we try to create a biological system that gives three different outputs depending on light intensity. This system is based on positive feedback and AND gate and its final output from E. coli would be nine different patterns. At this stage, we are planning to use pigments as the final products but we could also use scent as the output. The future vision of our project is extensibility to the system. For example, we could convert analog signal to digital signal using the E. coli or add more responses of the E. coli by widening the range of wavelengths of light that it can receive. As real world application, our E. coli could be set to write alphabet by light and we could also make an E Coli sundial. There would be a lot more fascinating applications with which we can introduce the potential of E. coli to the world.