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  • We have spent great summer with our team members.

  • We have proposed the idea of cell attraction and cell arrest to revise drastically existing bioremediation projects.

  • We have performed both wet experiments and computational simulations to show that our system is reasonable and feasible.

  • We have submitted 12 extensively-documented parts to the registry.

  • We have compiled our wiki page and composed our activity.

  • We have designed and characterized dual luciferase assay kit as an quantitative promoter evaluation tool.

  • We have had interviews with two magazines and the articles appeared in the magazines and homepages.

  • We have held a workshop in May Festival in our university and presented educational contents to general public.

  • We have taken part in a series of Japan Meetups, exchanged ideas, and had a wonderful time with other teams in Japan,

  • We have gotten an extreme toughness and philosophy through the iGEM activity.

  • We have understood true intention of each step of the protocols of the experiments we have conducted.

  • We have gotten keen eyes to distinguish whether E.coli are in a good mood or bad, an ability essential for iGEMers!